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Making molecular knots

July 18, 2016 - Knots / Materialities

Dave’s research is all about molecular dynamics -how molecule “wiggle and jiggle” as he often says. When I started the knotting project I really wanted to explore knotting on a molecular level. And Dave and I discussed what this would mean. Dave’s group have just developed a virtual reality (VR) molecular simulation that transports you into the nano world so you can work with knots (and I mean *just* the system has been working for less than a month). Dave made some changes to the system to make molecules smaller, so that they resembled rope or string….to tie knots in. And I went to his office to have a go!

– Mullholland quote about all the ways that you can manipulate molecules
– Isabelle Stengers and wondering about science
– playful and interesting way to engage with system that we know very little about.
– Film with the family -and realizing that most of us are concerned with materials in our everyday lives (maybe why we were so into the molecular simulations)