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Designerly-ing words

February 26, 2016 - Methods and Processes / Towards a Kit of Process

Designerly words was a methods and processes session lead by Julia Lockheart, whose research focus on design and language. (mmmm what a juicy thing to research!)

The process to make designerly words is as follows:

  1. Join a group of 3-5 people. Individually identify words (relevant words; words that you find problematic, intriguing, fascinating; words you don’t really know what they mean; words you’d like to explore more).
  2. Write down one less word than the number you are as a group (i.e. if you are 5 in a group, write down 4 words).
  3.  Pass the list of words around the group, and each member defines a word (you don’t define your own words)
  4. On a bigger sheet of paper create a word circle with a selection of words from everyone’s lists.
  5. Connect words to make new words and define what their combined meaning would be.
  6. Name the new word.

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